In this video, you will find the collection of top 10 most dangerous and awful stunts ever performed by anyone in the history. These are totally nerve wrecking performances which not only require a strongest heart to perform but to see as well. Amazing collection by the video owner that you would love to see.

Top 10 Most Dangerous And Deadliest Stunts In History

So here we come with 10 amazing optical illusions that are popularly seen. In this video you will find 10 most commonly found optical illusions and the way how they work. You will be amazed to see this.

What happens when you are walking on a road and suddenly you come up with a frightening situation. I bet you would start screaming and running even if you have very strong nerves. An example is given in this video in which a girl with a zombie costume frightening people walking on the road. You will surely enjoy this video.

What would you suppose if a lion attacks in a public place? I suggest a stampede there if it is a living lion. In this video you can see a lion is attacking people in parks and roads. It is actually a dog wearing a lion costume so it looks like a real small lion. But no matter how small a lion is, it's name is enough to provoke a stampede. Watch the video and enjoy

This is a prank made by a couple of Indian boys. In this video, the victims are trapped in a lift with a couple of man pretending to be target killers and they make the victims afraid of death. See the reaction of victims in this video and you will enjoy it.

So here is one of the best pranks collection with twin people as subjects. Very funny collection from Just for laugh gags and you will surely enjoy watching this.

A few months ago, Smoothini, a bar magician stunned the whole world with his magic tricks performed in America got talent. You can see Smoothini performing amazing magic tricks here. Now in this video, a guy is revealing how Smoothini performed all of his magic tricks in front of judges and whole America. That's truly amazing.

Here comes the best collection of babies prank gags by Just For laugh gags. This collection contains kicking the baby prank, smoking baby prank, baby vomiting prank, baby eating steaks prank, baby throwing tennis ball prank and farting babies prank. They are surely gonna make you laugh.

So here comes a cool magic trick. It's not actually a magic trick but a scientific trick that can help you represent yourself as a magician in parties or in friends. In this video, Rich Ferguson is explaining a simple trick to float a currency note in open air between hands without any support, wires or magnets. It's simply awesome. Share with others if you enjoyed the video.

See how this woman suddenly vanishes in front of camera while a reporter was taking interview of man in a live television broadcast. Conclude if it is a magic or just an optical illusion camera trick. Whatever it might be, the truth is the spotted woman disappears.

A man is standing against gravity in air for more than a minute without any support. This is awesome trick that has shocked millions of people in the world. Along with this trick, there are some other weird magic tricks in this video that will astonish you. Keep watching..

This talented guy makes an unbelievable 3D drawing of a jumping boy. He is blessed with amazing artistic skills that make his work unique. Watch this video to view this incredible talent.

The girl becomes furious when her mother doesn't allow to drink soda. In this video prank, a mysterious girl is acting to crush soda cans with the help of super natural powers and making people afraid.

What would be your reaction when you see a man trapped in a toilet?? I bet you would stop laughing and curious to save him but this video will not stop you from laughing while watching a man swallowed by a Public toilet. Watch the funny moments in this public toilet prank video.

This is a big collection of funniest ever shooting pranks from around the world specially from China. You will amaze to see how people react when they found a situation like this. Try not to laugh while watching this funniest video :D

This video is from America Got Talent show where an American Bar Magician presents some incredible magic tricks that made astonished everyone in the hall and watching from their homes on Television. See how the magician is performing the tricks awesomely.

Video showing complete step by step tutorial of making a toy gun at home with simple Ice cream sticks. You just need some ice cream sticks, 3 rubbers bands, instant glue, scotch tape and a paper clip to make a simple working gun that can easily hit a target at a few meters distance. This would amaze you. Share the video if you enjoyed.

In this video, you will be guided about 10 life hacks that will surely make your life easier. These simple 10 hacks will help you in doing daily chores easily.
This list include using Touch smartphone while wearing glove, sealing plastic bags, finding end of squash tape, sharpening scissors, making cool font with markers, paint remover, remote checker etc.
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Funny and creative commercial of Ambuja cement featuring Great Khali. Share if enjoyed the video.

A very funny prank fight between two girls brought to you by Just For Laugh Gags.

Very funny video of red button prank.

This guy is king of optical illusion videos.

See the different reactions of people in this video when this guy dropped his phone in front of them.

Watch in this video how this Indian guy makes a vampire attack prank for his girlfriend that made her extremely afraid.

Video showing a man who swallows 10 swords in just 1 minute in famous American show America's got talent. Amazingly incredible performance.

So that's why I wanted to learn martial arts in my childhood. This is a real video of a ninja in China who survived a fatal bike accident. Something like luck and other thing practice. Share and enjoy..

Awkward moments that Indian children has to face in front of their parents and they can't avoid them.

So elephants and hippo want pepsi? Interesting funny commercial video..

Smoking is dangerous to health even life.. This funny video commercial proves this statement :-)

Watch in this video how this girl got her phone snatched while she was busy in taking selfies..